Beef-make your money sensitive

Think about an Universocial US Digital Dynamic Dollar with a built'in time counter, at your name


Beef Zurich-Switzerland gives you, your own fountain for monetary hapiness. For free.

Because of your money data-valuation action (shifting from credit/debit asset into digital property asset) you create BEEFs "Owndated Webquantums" as "personalized digital savings" :

All at your special taste. All for your 100% cash gain in self_marqued_webSpace.

First : Your cash call order is free

May be you want to go, may be you have to return on cash from sensitive digital savings (nobody never know).

Pandemic matters...we dont hope so bad !

Second : Bid&Ask

at T.O.M. The Time Owned Market for cash results at 12:00 every day with swiss horlogery signal.

Button to act on time contained into yours Beefs_ZhSwiss transactions to Bid & Ask finantial_time_properties.

When you create 1000  or more  ZhSwiss Beefs you get 1 fountain for monetary hapiness

What ? In money matter concerning me ?

Ja, mein lieber Besucher, ich präsentiere Ihnen jetzt Ihre eigene Geldquelle.

Propre en ordre ;

 Come già fatto per favore.

Get cash as time go

How much is worth TimeStock of each of yours BEEFs ?

Because it's time do deal time.


Your money made sensitive at National Bank 

serves as your "tagvaporation" preferences.

Exemple : You may limit "financial burden" use for researchs 

How ? Just give it your flavor :

Who implements the function, and which shaped frame and running model of technological and regulatory basis uses "Beef's ZhCh" in the works for it activity to delivery that bio-financial product ?

Beef ZhSwiss' Labs - for outputs production in financial industry of elements monetary embodiement ;

WUW's The Webcash Universocial Web for digital savings creation and General Ledger accounting legitimation ;

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) - for web standards ;

Google Cloud Platform , for fiduciary money pumps uses and procedural generation of BPaaS - Business Process as a Service for client beneficiary data algorith ;

Federal Council of Switzerland, for regulatory legislation ;

Swiss National Bank, for integral consignation deposit for cash guaranty of all financial burdens anchorized on each digital savings property,

Bank for International Settlements, for communication of needs and requirements standars monitoring of fast-paced electronic markets. 

Time Market 

for your time-financial action

#Webcashmatic for your cash results with multiplicative capacity