Foreword by Ivan Alves Ferreira as a swiss business creator and developer

Trusting on a publication by Anja Hoffmann (Copenhagen Denmark) Mentor by Deep Tech Companies and connector of dots between #innovation and #digitalization to start the foreword:

"Space research forms the basis for many down-to-earth innovations. Therefore, these research fields are a universe of knowledge and complex experiments for great inspiration for rethinking technology application and business models. Curious managers and business developers can take advantage of the space to become wiser about technological advances and innovations when we need to build tomorrow's solutions to complex issues. "

Now, it's a pleasure for me to give indications about the starting points used at the Beef's Labs to achieve the finantial product :

1. Economy upgraded with the "datevaluation" or "#data-valuation" as 4th practice after the classics consumption, savings and investment ;

a) "Datevaluation's" genese atribut on monetary asset shifting and @stamping of "dated savings' as a time market commodity" ;

b) "Datevaluation's" internet spacial atribut "in cash phasis" or "#cashkeeping" ;

c) "Datevaluation's" smart contract BPaaS atributs "#webcashmatic" and "#webtaxmatic" service ;

d) Disponibility of cloud services as (Google Cloud Platform) ;

e) Regulatory and protocolar opportunities evolutions for CBDCs.

2. State of development and of the use of cryptocurrencies :

a) Bitcoin's particular situation ;

b) Derivatives and predictible markets for cryptocurrencies & CBDCs.

1 Beef_Zh_Swiss

The produtct 1 Beef_Zh_Swiss is 1 sensitive digital financial property

created by data-valuation with monetary burden tagvaporated.

Market of financial sensitive money

We are at Process as a Swiss Service 

Folks economic results